For the love of ballet, Sugar Plum Fairy style!

#30SecondBallets- The Original Bestseller!

La Bayadère, Coppélia, Le Corsaire, Don Quixote, The Firebird, Giselle, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, La Sylphide

Paperback & E-Book editions!

Or Search ISBN Code: 978-1778149108

#30SecondBallets: Act Two- Even More Ballets!

The Awakening of Flora, La Esmeralda, La Fille Mal Gardée, Napoli, Paquita, The Pharaoh’s Daughter, Raymonda, Le Spectre de la Rose, Sylvia, The Talisman

Paperback & E-Book editions!

Or Search ISBN Code: 978-1778149122

Each ballet has basic vitals and story line, along with unique fun facts, special highlights, and spectacular video links that open right from the text!

#30SecondBallets- Beyond The Books
Online On-Demand Seminar

Tons of activities and ideas for in-class history, context, and a little science-backed brain hacking!

Supercharge your lesson plans without completely disrupting your syllabus!

#30SecondBallets: Beyond The Books- Exclusive Presentation for BATD Members
#30SecondBallets: Beyond The Books- Live at Toronto Dance Teacher Expo
Stocked at The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School
Stocked seasonally at Gabie’s Boutique- Newmarket and Barrie

Here’s how Haley Bennett, Co-Owner/Ballet Teacher at
Prizm Company North Dakota, uses #30SecondBallets!

(Thank you to Haley and her dancers, who gave permission to use this video.)

  • Testimonial: "I can't say enough how impressed I am, or how easy it has been to use. I was feeling so in need of some inspiration, and I feel like it's easy to get overwhelmed in ballet... Introducing all levels of dancers to the story lines of notable ballets and then using the music and some choreography from them for class has been so fun! Highly recommend!" Hayley Bennett- Prizm Company, North Dakota
  • Testimonial: "Was recommended to us by my young daughter's favorite teacher and DD loves it of course! Very informative for a dance mom with no dance background too." 5-Star Amazon Reviewer, USA
  • Testimonial: "What a great contribution to the beautiful world of dance. I love it!!!" Mary Jane, Canada
  • Testimonial: "I've been reading #30SecondBallets in class and the kids are loving it! They're asking for storytime every week!" Tricia A. Thompson Harbison- The Wherehouse, Mississippi
  • Testimonial: "I have a paperback copy of #30SecondBallets for the waiting room in my dance school. It is great!" Robyn Sinclair- Dunedin School of Ballet, New Zealand
  • Testimonial: "I have used it in class and in my lobby. It's great!" Anne Fulton-Cavett, Gotta Dance, Arizona
  • Testimonial: "This was so helpful and time saving for my summer classes this year! I taught a different ballet each week to my classes. We talked about the composer, choreographer, and told the story. We learned variations from the ballets and I was able to easily get to clips to show thanks to your book!!" - Ashley DiYorio Slemp- Fredericksburg Ballet Center, Virginia

#30SecondBallets: Act One

Search ISBN Code: 978-1778149108

#30SecondBallets: Act Two

Search ISBN Code: 978-1778149122

Want even More #30SecondBallets?

Teach way more than just technique;
bring the whole world of ballet to life!

The Beyond The Books Mini-Guide
offers 10 fun & engaging activities from the
#30SecondBallets: Beyond The Books seminar.

Plus ready-to-print worksheets for use in class!

#30SecondBallets- The Corps Collection

The Corps Collection
is a curation of resources to make ballet class easy:
hand-picked photos & videos, custom-built playlists,
and more! A new ballet each month!

#30SecondBallets Events

#30SecondBallets: Act One

Search ISBN Code: 978-1778149108

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#30SecondBallets: Act Two

Search ISBN Code: 978-1778149122

#30SecondBallets: Act Two- Link Updates (none currently)

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