Metaphor-Wielding Mercurial.

It is a great act of cleverness to be able to conceal one’s being clever.

François de La Rochefoucauld

Stephanie Bergeron is an irrepressible shape-shifter on stage, set, and mic. With the brains to think her way out of anything and have an answer to everything, she’s been known to trounce escape room game masters, wield metaphors like arrows, quote the classics*, and be trusted by audiences wholeheartedly… to their deaths.

Call it keen intuition, professorial perception, or straight-up Legilimency (she’ll never tell), she certainly doesn’t miss much. Is she a Cylon? There’s something about that warm smile and vulnerability…

The one thing she can’t conceal? She’s a highly-trained professional dancer; the body never lies.

*The classics of course include Sherlock Holmes, Merriam-Webster, and Khan Noonien Singh.

  • Stephanie smiles on her space ship as astrophysicist Kate Hamilton in "The Space Between Us".
  • Stephanie as Her in "Roadkill".
  • Stephanie as The Woman in "Lucid"
  • Stephanie as Her in "Roadkill".
  • Stephanie poses with a prop gun as Sarah in "Terminus".
  • Stephanie peers out into space as astrophysicist Kate Hamilton in "The Space Between Us"