Thank You For Booking A Custom Script!

Let’s Get Started:

A reminder that TURNAROUND is 3 business days for script services. I aim to complete each commission quickly, but please purchase a ADD AN UPGRADE TO RUSH PRIORITY if you require it in under 3 days.


-Run of the Performance Use Only; please don’t edit , reuse, or copy without permission (including in programs, social media, posters, et cetera).

-Revisions on Request (limit one round of revisions per order).

-Full Payment in Advance, no refunds.

-Commissions are for studios, pre-professional, and professional dance/theatre companies only. No R-rated themes, wording, or performances will be accepted.

-Recordings, scripts, and/or performances may not be reused, resold, transferred, or repurposed for any reason beyond the initial agreement, including but not limited to the creation of synthetic voices or for machine learning, to simulate the voice, writing, or likeness of the Talent, or to create a “digital double” voice or likeness. This includes feeding a script into an AI or synthetic voicing system to create an audio track of the script.

-Any recordings, scripts, and/or performances stored in digital format will be reasonably stored by the Client so that unauthorized third parties may not gain access to the files containing Talent’s work or likeness, and if such files are stored in “the cloud” Client agrees to safeguard same through encryption or other “up-to date” technological means.

-We reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason (including technical issues, illness, et cetera). A refund will be issued should this occur.

I’m very excited to help you sound your best!