Holiday Gifts for Dancers

For anyone with Sugar Plums dancing in their heads this season, here are some fabulous gift ideas!

For the one who’s nuts about Nutcracker

Give them a chance to dig deep into the history, highlights, and fun facts of some of the world’s most well-loved ballets… The Nutcracker included!

Check out #30SecondBallets, and #30SecondBallets: Act Two, both available in paperback and e-book editions!

For the one who’s their own worst critic

Give the gift of self-compassion, confidence, and positive mindset. Small enough to tuck in their audition bag, but powerful enough to use daily!

The Dance-spirational Deck is a set of 32 hand-designed affirmational cards for dancers, by a dancer!

For the one who’s loud and proud

Give them a way to let the world know they are proud to dance!

Coco’s Custom Decals can design car decals, vinyl mug designs, and even water bottle stickers with your name or studio logo!

Plus, purchases support an indie artist. What’s not to love?

For the one who’s a puzzle to shop for

Give them a completely unique piece crafted from jigsaw puzzles!

Specializing in hand-made, original creations, Getting Jiggy Crafts will solve that holiday shopping list in no time!

In-stock and custom orders available, all by an indie artist.

For the one who loves layers

Give a little wink and a chuckle with this super-cute dancer design. I recommend the tank top or sweater version… You can never have enough warm-ups!

For the one who’s old-school

A crisp new notebook is a great gift for that dancer who loves to take notes, journal their thoughts, and keep track of their choreography.

This “Dancer Definition” notebook does it with some fun!

For the one who dreams of Broadway

Give a science-backed solution to warm up their voice quickly! The OOVO Straw is phenomenal for voice care . I own one myself and use it daily!

Get loud with the OOVO Sing Ring or Necklace!

Code SINGDANCEACT will get you a bonus 10% off, even if there’s a sale.

(This is an affiliate code, but I purchased my own and I know it works.)