The Dancer Speaks

Custom Pre-Show Dance Recital Announcements, Show Narrations, Studio Director’s Welcome Speeches, and more…

Imagine being perfectly at ease backstage, knowing your audience will be welcomed to your performance by a warm, friendly, and confident voice.

No worrying that you’ll forget to mention something (or someone!), no sweat or hesitation as you try to sound natural.

Everything perfectly laid out… and already done for you!

Be free to do what you do best: cheer on your dancers!

How It Works:

» Book your spot!
» Answer a few quick questions so Stephanie can customize.
» Ensure the script meets your needs with one round of revisions.
» Relax as Stephanie records, edits, and masters your script with professional gear!
» Receive the track, listen back, and approve!

Stephanie customizes each booking personally, adding touches of your performance’s theme to ensure you and your dancers SHINE!

Guaranteed Human: Every project is custom written and voiced by Stephanie, never an AI.

Hear real Theatre Pre-Show Voiceover Announcements from The Dancer Speaks!

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Stephanie also welcomes custom commissions for dance and theater, including:

  • In-Show Narration & Storytelling
  • Intermission & Finale Announcements
  • Team, Faculty, and Staff Introductions
  • Concerts, Festivals, and Awards Announcements
  • Voiceover for Video, Radio, and Social Media
  • Custom voice lines for performance tracks
  • Performance in multiple dialects/accents
  • Writing for Program Notes
  • And More!

Why Stephanie?

Stephanie Bergeron is a professional dancer, dance teacher, and voiceover artist. (One Voice Awards USA- Outstanding Live Event Announcer Nominee*)

She’s been there, lived it, and truly ‘gets it’ when it comes to the stresses and joys of creating spectacular recital and performance experiences!

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One Voice Awards USA- Outstanding Live Event Announcer Nominee:
Pre-Show Announcements for Faith Dance Studio, TX

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