Zoom Workshops & Coaching

Designed especially for virtual and hybrid classes, Stephanie offers unique virtual guest workshops that you can request right away! Click on your favourite to proceed…

Embodied Improvisation

Using guided imagery, colour, and sound, dancers are gently led through an embodied experience that relies on their imagination first. Adaptable for all ages and experience levels, this workshop can be completely customized to your students’ needs.

Composition & Choreography

Exploring choreographic concepts and modalities (space, timing, dynamics, et cetera), students are guided to create their own short choreographic phrases. This workshop can be a single or multi-class event, and is suited for dancers intermediate age and up.

Visualization Techniques

A mindset game-changer, especially for dancers experiencing stage fright, audition anxiety, or difficulty executing complex technical phrases! Visualization is backed by sports science, and teaches dancers learn how to use their mind’s eye to help them achieve their goals. Best suited for the intermediate age dancer and above.

Acting Techniques for Dance

Excellent for dancers working on emotional depth and artistic connection. Stephanie leads a discussion to guide dancers towards clarity, specificity, and authenticity in performance. This workshop is suitable for dancers intermediate age and above, and requires a willingness to dive into details and emotion.

#30SecondBallet History

Great for shorter classes, this workshop is a chat about one or more ballets from Stephanie’s book, #30SecondBallets. The workshop includes discussion about the basic storyline, some fun facts, and a watch-and-discuss, where we view highlights from the ballet and discuss what makes them special historically. Depending on the class length, a few ballets may be chosen. This is more suited for dancers under the intermediate age, but can easily be customized for older dancers who are new to ballet history.

Character Embodiment for Actors

This workshop is an exploration of physicality in acting, and how the body can inform character choices (even if that character is just a future version of yourself!). Breath, stance, movement, gesture, and focus can all be covered to help bring a character to life.

Personalized Coaching

Supportive chats for young dancers, emerging artists, and pre-professionals! Personalize your experience here.

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